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rajesh-singh-negi RAJESH SINGH NEGI BEGAN HIS CAREER IN THE HIMALAYAS 25 YEARS AGO AS AN EXPEDITION LEADER/MANAGER. Born and raised in his beloved Himalayan Mountains of Garhwal, he is a graduate with honors of the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. Mr Negi has built an international reputation by providing the very highest quality support available in India for Himalayan recreational trekking and mountain climbing expeditions. Several years ago, he established his own corporate base, now operating as Negi's Himalaya Hikes. Mr Negi combines modern executive expertise with his on-site skills to help create something entirely new in the Indian Himalayas mountain scene -first rate on-the-ground-performance combined with speedy, accurate, and reliable home-office management. The result - Peace of Mind - a successful and thrilling mountain experience based on prudence and safety.

We offer all types of well and realistically planned and organized treks - easy treks for beginners and challenging treks for the experienced. Wilderness treks, mountain village and culture treks. Treks across glaciers and treks through mountain meadows and virgin deodar forests. Treks of one, two, three, or more days, five, ten day treks. Treks to holy pilgrimage sites and treks to isolated valleys and mountain tops where only the animals see us pass. Treks for the solitary adventurer, and treks for large groups. And our English speaking trekking guides actually do speak English! The treks are of every variety desired, but the high quality of the experience is the constant theme.