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Recently arranged Expedition by Rajesh Negi and his organization –Himalaya Hikes in Uttrakhand Garhwal region –India


I highly recommend Himalayan Hikes because with this agency you can really trust on people who live in the area and know everything about the mountains of Gangotri and Garwhal. During my two experiences of climbing in Bhagirathis with Himalayan Hikes I felt a complete support for me and our team in order to reach our goals: flexibility with schedule and plans, great kindness and help from the staff, perfect organization and logistics and great food too!! I think this is really a trustful and optimal agency for all climbers.

And the prices are fair.

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Via S. Maria Maddalena 52, 21100 Varese (VA)
P.iva. 03345130128
Mail- matteo.dellabordella@gmail.com

2:- Polish Mt.Shivling Southeast face and Mt.Swachhand peak Expedition year September- October-2016.

We would like to highly recommend Himalaya Hikes as a local agency perfect for organizing your trip to Indian Himalaya. We were Polish climbing expedition for Shivling South East face and Mt. Swachhand Gangotri region in September and October 2016 and we hired Mr. Rajesh Negi and Himalaya Hikes to organize it.

We were very satisfied with service we have received. It included dealing with parks and permits, organizing our stay in India, preparation of base camp and the fact that they were always available to help with anything related to our expedition. We must admit that we have spent a lot of time with crewmembers in our base camp's kitchen for two reasons: food they have served was really delicious and they were really friendly people taking good care of nice atmosphere.

Mr. Rajesh Negi and Himalaya Hikes did terrific job to provide best possible service and we really appreciate that they are local agency based in Uttarkashi. Mr. Rajesh Negi, born in the area, took part in numerous tours in Indian Himalaya for last 20 years and he knows this area really well.

Himalaya Hikes crewmembers are very friendly, reliable, supportive, and professional.

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Team Members Name list
3 Participants Shivling South east face Team
1) Mr.Kacper Jakub Tekieli
2) Mr.Janusz Eryk Golab
3) Mr. Andrzej Zdzislaw Zyczkowski

3 participants Mount Swachhand Team
1) Mr.PawelKarezmarczyk
2) Mr.Piotr Andrzej Sulowski
3) Maciej Radoslaw Ciesielski

Mail- kaczmi@yahoo.com
+47 96693880
+48 515580548

3:- European mix Expedition for Bhagirathi-III via two route year May-2016.

Our 2016 Baghirathi Expedition was a huge success. This was due in major part to the organization and professionalism of Rajesh Negi and his company Himalaya Hikes. All of the climbers on our expedition are IFMGA mountain guides or aspirants and therefore we all work full time in the customer service industry of the mountains. With that said, I think I can speak for us all when I say that Rajesh's organization of our trip was the best we've ever had out of countless expeditions all over the world to places as far ranging as Antarctica,

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Afghanistan, and Alaska. This trip to the Garhwhal Himalaya was without a doubt the most well organized and executed trip we have been on. The food was just awesome and I almost felt that they were trying to fatten us up! The planning was executed flawlessly, despite the fact that India can be a chaotic place. And when things didn't go exactly as planned for us Rajesh knew exactly how to fix the situation. When we summited early and wanted to leave for home Rajesh accommodated all of our needs and made our descent and return to Delhi seamless and fun.

I honestly can't recommend his services enough. If you are looking to trek or climb in his part of India you find countless "companies" offering similar services but most of those are large businesses based in Delhi who will take your money and contract out the work. All of Rajesh's trips are organized and execute by hand, by him and his family, who, by the way, are locals to the region and know it intimately. If I were to go back to climb in India there would be no other choice for us than to go with Rajesh and Himalaya Hikes so that we could ensure a successful and fun trip. It was the trip of a lifetime, thanks Rajesh and your team!

THE EXPEDITION participants.
Sebastien Corret (France), Martin Elias (Spain), Elodie Le Comte (Switzerland), Corrado Pesce (Italy), Fanny Tomasi-Schmutz (France), Damien Tomasi (France)

Damien Tomasi
Guide de haute montagne / UIAGM Mountain Guide
Compagnie des guides de Chamonix
mob: +33 6 80 74 67 30
74310 Servoz- France
Mail ID- damientomasi@hotmail.f

4:- Italian Bhagirathi-III Expedition –year August -2015.

climbing-expedition-feedback"In late August and September 2015, I had the chance to go on expedition to Indian Himalaya with the goal of climbing in the Bhagirathi group. For the whole organization of our trip we relied on Himalaya Hikes. Our experience was absolutely positive and I really recommend contacting Mr. Rajesh Negi if you want to organize an expedition in the same area.

Himalaya Hikes is a local agency based in Uttarkashi and Mr. Rajesh lived all his life in Uttarkashi and has been taking part and organizing expedition in Garhwhal since more than 20 years. I believe hiring a local agency is much better than hiring an agency from Delhi.

With Himalaya Hikes you have a person which is really reliable, Rajesh knows the area and the mountains very well, knows all the people in Gangotri and is able to provide you a quick and efficient help for anything you need. In a place which for you is unknown, having a local person easy to reach and that you can really trust is really important in my opinion. (You can easily imagine that when an agency is based in Delhi, the process is a bit more complex for sure…) Himalaya hikes proved to be also very efficient in dealing with parks and permit, allowing us to spend all the time we wanted at base camp.

And regarding our stay at base camp I have to say that was also great. We could have much different kind of foods, in abundant quantities, including different kind of fresh vegetables. We spent a long times with our cook, cook helper and Mr. Rajesh and I really believe they are very nice people, happy to do their best to support your expedition and creating a friendly and warm environment at base camp. And last but not least, from the price point of view Himalaya Hikes was also the cheapest among the companies we contacted!

With this short paragraph I just wanted to sum up our own experienced that was completely positive from any point of view. I heard different stories from some other friends of mine, who hired other agencies (I am not naming anyone) but received a treatment which is not absolutely comparable with what we experienced (reduced time at base camp, poor services/food, higher prices, problems with porters). Higher price not always mean better service, especially when choosing your agency pay more attention to the people you are dealing with."

Matteo Della Bordella – Ragni di Lecco
Professional climber and alpinist based in Italy with large experience of expeditions to Patagonia, Greenland and Himalaya

Matteo.dellabordella@gmail.com +39 329 0078718