Fishing and Angling in Uttarkashi

Assi Ganga River near Uttarkashi / Gangotri(Uttaranchal). Brown trout that was introduced in Assi Ganga (origin in the famous Dodital lake) by Britishers in 1869. Angling for Trout is subject to permission available from the forest department on advance notice. The permit issued to us, strictly underlines the catch and release policy. Any fish caught, irrespective of the size and technique, is to be released. Fishing with barb less hooks to avoid tissue damage is recommended.

fishing-and-anglingAngling for Beginners : Connect with fish, after you learn the basic skills i.e. how to tie on a hook, whether to use a lure or bait or even where to look for fish.

A Typical Angling Session : (maximum 2 anglers) A normal fishing session varies from 2 to 3 hrs. depending on one's patience and energy. For Beginners spin rods and lures with barbless hooks are used to ensure safe releases. Landing nets are provided. The best session gave over 22 fish in one session with last best recorded size being 4 pounds / 2 kilos.

Angling in Dodital

Dodital Location : Located at 3024 m altitude, Dodital lies in the Uttarkashi District of the Garhwal Division, at a distance of 32 km from the headquarters, at the top of the ascent from 1158 m (Uttarkashi) to 3024 m (Dodital). Uttarkashi is 148 km in the Garhwal hills, beyond fishing-and-angling-indiaRishikesh, the Gateway to the Garhwal region.

Dodital Adventure : Dodital is indeed an angler's paradise. The Dodital Lake is renowned for trout and Mahseer fishing. The Dodi Lake is a fresh water lake and a tempting trout pool. There is a circular path by the side of the Dodi Lake. The path takes you to where the feeder stream meets the lake. You can easily spot the Shining red spotted Himalayan Golden Trout in the crystal clear waters. The fresh water lakes like the Dodital surrounded by the Himalayan peaks are excellent for the catch regardless of the season. The camps near the fishing grounds realize the idea of adventure and fun in the holidays.

"Dodi" is the local name of the trout. Multitudes of trout float in the lake, hence the name of Dodital. Now, for many years the government has been running a fisheries center at Kalyani that lies on the way to Dodital. The fish are let loose from the Asi Ganga to the Bhagirathi. The Asi Ganga rises from Dodital and joins the Bhagirathi 4 km north of Uttarkashi.

fishing-and-angling-uttarkashiHow to Reach Dodital : A well-maintained motorable road links Dodital with Uttarkashi. It takes about five to six hours to reach Uttarkashi from Rishikesh via Narendranagar (16 km), Tehri (67 km) and Dharasu (37 km). Beyond Uttarkashi, a track passing through Gangotri (4 km), Kalyani (7 km) and Aghora (5 km), lead to Dodital (16 km).

Nearest railhead is Rishikesh and nearest international airport is Delhi.

Where to stay Dodital : The forest rest house at Dodital is ideal for the night stay. Dodital has a guesthouse built close to the Dodi Lake. There is sufficient space outside the guesthouse for pitching tents. Tents are also popular accommodation options at Dodital. Then there is a log cabin too that caters to the needs of the adventurers to Dodital.

Cost for Angling : Rs 500 per trip per person + Rs 200 angling permit per rod per day. Gillie (helper) and Fishing tackle(Calcutta made 2 piece bamboo rods, single action reels, limited hooks - no flies) provided. It is recommended if one has their own rod and tackle.

Season : Angling is temporarily restricted in trout waters from 1st January to 28th February each year to facilitate the fishes to spawn and propagate.