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Har Ki Dun Trek

This trek visits Dodital (lake) - indeed an angler's paradise. Dodital Lake is a fresh water lake and a tempting trout pool renowned for trout and Mahseer fishing. There is a scenic path along the shores of the lake which takes you to where the feeder stream meets the lake. You can easily spot the Shining red spotted Himalayan Golden Trout in the crystal clear waters. The fresh water lakes like Dodital, surrounded by the Himalayan peaks, are excellent for the catch regardless of the season. On the way to Dodital, are the Alpine forests of oak, rhododendron, bhojpatra, (the famous "paper tree"), juniper, and the stately deodar.

Har Ki Dun Trek

The trek continues up to the mountain top meadows - the famous Dayara bugyals (Alpine meadows) with their spectacular views of the snow capped high Himalayas, Vistas of dramatic peaks - Bandar Punchh, Black peak etc.. Hardy bakriwale (mountain headers) with their flocks of sheep and goats, frequent sightings of families of lithe and lively langoor (like a black-faced monkey) swinging through the tree canopy high above. Chances to see ibex, snow fox, mountain crow and eagles, Seasonal contacts with Gujars (generally muslim tribal mountain people) famous for their high speed mountain walking and their herds of buffalo. Visits to local picturesque mountain villages. End the trek in the fascinating spiritual and philosophical center of India - colorful Swagashram at Rishkesh.

Day Start Reach Hrs Kms Alt(mts) Mode/Acco
1 Delhi Mussorrie 7 270 2000 Veh/Train: Hotel
2 Mussorrie Taluka 8 212 2000 Veh: Camp/Hotel
3 Taluka Oshla 7 10 2600 Trek: Camp
4 Oshla Harkidoon 7 10 3600 Trek: Camp
5 Harkidoon Seema 8 14 2500 Trek: Camp
6 Seema Runsyaratal 8 14 3000 Trek: Camp
7 Runsyaratal Oshla 8 15 2600 Trek: Camp
8 Oshla Taluka 5 10 1400 Trek: Camp
9 Taluka Dehradun 8 235 250 Veh: Hotel
10 Dehradun Delhi 7 235 600 Veh/Train: Hotel
Legend: Alt=Altitude; Veh=Vehicle; Acco=Accommodation

Day 1 : Delhi - Mussouri (270 kms/7 hrs)
har-ki-dun-trek-imagesMussouri : Classic renown British era hill station featuring quaint "raj" era bungalos; a wide variety of hotels from luxury to modest, modern to heritage; walks about the town; bustling mountaintop bazaar; and views out over the Gangetic Plain to the south and the Himalayas to the north.

Day 2 : Mussouri - Taluka (212 kms/8 hrs)
Scenic drive into the high Himalaya foothills along the valley of the Yamouna with views of the river valley with its forests and fascinating complex of terraced fields. Overnight in camp or hotel in the village Taluka.

Day 3 : Taluka - Oshla (10 kms/7 hrs)
7 hours uphill 10 k trek through terraced fields and villages, Alpine forest, rhododendron, oak, and stately deodars, small streams. Frequent sightings of families of lithe and lively langoor (like a black-faced monkey) swinging through the tree canopy high above. Arrive at camp Oshla surrounded by forest.

Day 4 : Oshla - Harkidoon (10kms/7 hrs)
7 hours 10 k uphill trek through forests featuring the bhojpatra, (the famous "paper tree"), juniper, and stately deodars, through bugyals (Alpine meadows), and beautiful landscapes of Harkidoon with views of the Himalayas: Black Peak, etc.. Camp amidst all of this beauty at Harkidoon.

Day 5 : Harkidoon - Seema (14kms/8 hrs)
har-ki-dun-trek-photos 6 hours 10k downhill trek back to Oshla, then 2 hours 4 k uphill trek to Seema. Camp at lovely Seema campsite surrounded by forest and views down the valley. Meet with hardy bakriwale (mountain headers) with their flocks of sheep and goats.

Day 6 : Seema - Runsyaratal (11 kms/6 hrs)
6 hours 11k moderate uphill trek through forests and bugyals to the vast mountain lake of Runsyaratal with spectacular views of high Himalayas: Black Peak, Swargrohini, etc..

Day 7 : Runsyatatal - Oshla (13 kms/6 hrs)
6 hours 13 k downhill trek through same lovely foresets to the camp at Oshla.

Day 8 : Oshla - Taluka (10 kms/5 hrs)
5 hours 10 k downhill trek back throught he forests and terraced fields to the trailhead at Taluka village. Camp there.

Day 9 : Taluka - Dehradun (235 kms/8 hrs)
trek-to-har-ki-dunScenic drive back through Mussouri and on down to Dehradun, renown center for scientific centers and expensive private secondary schools, bustling little capital of Uttrakand State. Overnight in hotel.

Day 10 : Dehradun - Delhi (235 kms/7 hrs)
Return drive to Delhi (Possible to stop at Haridwar to explore this popular and beautiful shrine town. One/two hours extra).

Best time to visit Har Ki Dun Trek : April, May, June, September October and November.