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Nandi Kund Kashni Tal Trek

This is the high-altitude trek in the Garhwal Himalaya, from Okhimath to Helang, which takes one over the high ranges via Madhyamaheshwar, Nandi Kund, the Bansi Narayan Temple and Urgam,. This trek visits many famous landscapes bugiyals(alpine meadows).Spectacular views of the famous snow capped high Himalayas and famous Himalayan mountain lakes. Hardy bakriwale (mountain headers) with their flocks of sheep and goats. Chance to see ibex.snowfox, and eagels.

Nandi Kund Kashni Tal Trek

Visit to local picturesque mountain village.End of the trek in the fascinating spiritual and philosophical center of India –colorful Swargashram at Rishikesh.

Day Start Reach Hrs Kms Alt(mts) Mode/Acco
1 Dehradun Gaundhar 9 270 3100 Veh/: Camp/Hotel
2 Gaundhar Madhyamaheshwar 7 11 3490 Trek: Camp
3 Madhyamahewsar Kashni dhar 8 12 4450 Trek: Camp
4 Kashni dhar Kashni tal - Pandushera 9 14 4200 Trek: Camp
5 Pandushera Nandikund 4 4 4800 Trek: Camp
6 Nandikund Day trek Around - - - -
7 Nandikund Giya Vinayak Pass (5220 mt) Berma Khadak 9 11 3500 Trek: Camp
8 Berma Khadak Bansi Narayan 8 15 3200 Trek: Camp
9 Bansi Narayan Urgam-Visit Kalpewsar 9 13 2400 Trek: Camp
10 Urgam Helang 8 15 1600 Trek: Hotel
11 Helang Dehradun 8 240 600 Veh:Hotel
Legend: Alt=Altitude; Veh=Vehicle; Acco=Accommodation

Dehradun – Gaundhar.(kms-270 Alt-3100 m)
nandi-kund-kashni-tal-trekkingStart early morning from Dehradun or Rishikesh-It is bountiful drive along the Ganga and after Dev Prayag road follow to Alaknanda River till Rudra paryag. You will arrives to Gaundhar mountain village for evening night stay at Hotel/camp.

Day 2 : Gaundhar—Madhmaheswar(kms-11 Alt-3490 m.)
Village Gaundhar, the last village on this trail. The Madhyamaheshwar climb begins as soon as you cross the bridge after Gaundhar trek arrives to Madhmaheswar famous mountain temple with spectacular views of the valleys down and bugiyals camp at Madhmaheswar.

Day 3 : Madhyamaheshwar-Kashni Dhar(kms-12Alt-4450 m.)
Trek start to Budha Madhyamaheshwar spectacular view of Mandaniparvat snow capes mountain and many small stream along the trek after this long walk trek arrives Kaashni Dhar camp at late afternoon camp at Kashnidhar.

Day 4 : KashniDhar—Pandosera(Kms-14 Alt-4200m.)
After 2 km of leaping acrobatically over stones and springy grass blades, we reached Kashni Tal, just below the last ridge overlooking the four peaks of the Chaukhamba. A small pass on the left of the tal allows a peek at Neelkanth Peak. Staring into the shallow tal, holding water clear as glass, each of us scrunched up our faces as if to indicate deep thought. Back at camp start trek to the Pandosera grazing grounds, visible from Kashni Dhar. Initially there was no trek, only a downhill trundling among the low-slung clouds. Camp at Pandosera.

Day 5 : Pandosera-Nandi Kund(KMs-4 Alt-4800 m.)
nandi-kund-kashni-talWe started for our next camp at Nandi Kund at 8 am. Walking up the plains of Pandosera, we kept to our right and thus met the Madhyamaheshwar Ganga, that originates from Nandi Kund, and walked along it. We crossed the river over the log bridge and dealt with smaller streams by stepping over rocks. Madhyamaheshwar Ganga flowing from it. It is surrounded on all sides by high peaks, except where Chaukhamba towers at a distance. The reflection of the many peaks of Chaukh¬amba in the lake is mesmerizing camp at Nandikund.

Day 6 : Nandikund – Day trek around
Can be spent one day in Nandikund it will be day trek around also some rest for poters.

Day 7 : Nandi Kund-Bermakhadak (via Ghia Vinayakpass)(Kms-11Alt-3500-Paas alt-5200)
The next day, climb to the Ghia Vinayak Pass at a whopping 16,500 ft with some appre¬hension. The climb was gentle along Nandi Kund, thereafter it grew steep and involved boulder-hopping, so it was an excru¬ciating three hours to the pass. There was thick snow on the way up to the pass but none on the other side. Down we went to the camp at Bermakhadakl camp at Bermakhadak.

Day 8 : Bermakhadak--Bansi Narayan(Kms-15 Alt-3200m)
Next morning we were back on our path. Down below we could see the trail. We moved along the ridge assuming the temple would materialise nearer the ridge; we were wrong. Moving away from the ridge we reached the temple. Bansi Narayan stands solo before a slanting cave used by bakriwallas for shelter and wore a deserted look by virtue of its dis¬tance; the nearest village is a day's walk away. Here we rela¬xed and put up tents.

Day 9 : Bansi Narayan-Urgam(KMs-13 Alt-3200m.)
nandi-kund-kashni-tal-trek-photosJust below was a visible trail, tempting us with its width. However, this goes on to Pipalkoti. The way to Urgam meant crossing the left-side ridge once again. After that the trail passes through the forest and keeps branching off, so we zigzagged until we bumped into a Gujjar family who helped us locate the Negi Hotel at Urgam also can visit Kalpeswar Mahadev temple.

Day 10 : Urgam-Helang(Kms-15 Alt 1600 m.)
Next morning we hiked to the Kalpnath Temple, about 2 km from Urgam. We were back on our trek by 10 am, on the wide cheh-footiya path to Helang and, by 1 pm, hit the Haridwar-Badrinath NH58. Accli¬matised to the rarefied air, our nostrils twitched at Haridwar.

Day 11 : Helang- Dehradun.(Kms-240 Alt-600m.)
Start journey early in the morning to Rishikesh from Helang and check in to the Hotel in the evening in Rishikesh.

Best time to visit Nandi Kund Kashni Tal Trek : June, July/ August, September and October