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Pindari Glacier Trek

This trek visits-Pindari and Kafni Glacier,in Kumaon Himalayas has lured mountaineers and trekkers since the last century. It is one of the most easily accessible of all the Himalayan glaciers. The Pindari Kafni trek offers serenity and tranquility along with the spectacular mountain scenery, while the route towards Pindari offers great meadows, gushing waterfalls faraway on the mountain slopes with chance encounters of wild animals and birds in the distance. It lies between the Nanda Devi and Nandakot peaks and terminates at an altitude of 3627 m.

Pindari Glacier Trek

The Glacier is 5 km long, the snout is about 6 m high and 2.5 m wide and above the snout, the glacier extends for about 3 km in length and 300 – 400 m in width, between an altitudinal range of about 3600 m to 5000 m. The valley is drained by the Pindar river that emerges from the Glacier which meets Alakananda at Karnaprayag in Garhwal.

Day Start Reach Hrs Kms Alt(mts) Mode/Acco
1 Katgodam Loharkhet 8 260 1800- Veh: Hotel
2 Loharkhet Khati Via Kharkiya 6 20 2200 Veh Trek: Camp/Hotel
3 Khati Dwali 6 11 2600 Trek: Camp
4 Dwali Phurkia-Pindari Glacier Camp 7 8 3650 Trek: Camp
5 Phurkia Day trek around 8 3400 Trek: Camp
6 Phurkia Dwali - 12- 3700 Trek: Camp
7 Dwali Khati 5 11 2200 Trek: Camp
8 Khati Dhakuri Via Kharkia 6 8 2000 Trek: Camp
9 Dhakuri Loharkhet 4 6 1500 TrekVeh: Hotel
10 Loharkhet Katgodam 8 260 700 Veh: Hotel
Legend: Alt=Altitude; Veh=Vehicle; Acco=Accommodation

Day 1 : Kathgodam - Loharkhet (Kms-2600Alt-1800M.)
pindari-glacier-trek-photosWe depart by Ranikhet Express which reaches early morning at Kathgodam Railway station , Our jeep is ready to take u further deep into mountains. We reach Loharkhet ( 1750 Mt /5775 Ft) via Bhimtal, Almora and Bageshwar. Breakfast at Kainchidham. Enjoy sightseeing while driving towards Bageshwar. Late evening reach Loharkhet. Early dinner and retire in tents / rooms. Bageshwar is the base for all treks towards Sunderdhunga, Pindari and Kafni region.

Day 2 : Loharkhet – Khati via- Kharkia ( Kms-20 Alt-2200 M.)
The motor able road extends to Kharkiya in these days , leaving only 5 kms to trek to Khati. Before the extension of this route Loharkhet used to be the starting point of trekking for both Sunderdunga and Pindari region. Infact this extended route from Loharkhet to Kharkiya eliminates the need of tiring climb to Dhakuri on the very first day. The remaining 5 km trails to Khati follows a well laid out path through Rhododendron and Oak trees. On the way to khati you will come across several falls while walking through the civilization of Kuman hills.

Day 3 : Khati- Dwali (Kms-11 Alt-2600m.)
The trekking distance today is 11 km (5-6 hrs) with the roar of the Pinder Ganga not too far off. After trekking for almost 6 km from Khati you have to cross Pindari at Maliyahound. You can also have cup of tea over here from the small tea stall available over here. Along the way there are many waterfalls and log bridges to be crossed. It will take another 2.5 hrs to reach Dwali from this tea stall. Finally, after a long walk and height gain, you will reach towards the second bridge on the Pindari river, right across which is Dwali. This one is much more of a well built bridge, unlike the previous one. Overnight in Tents / KMVN huts.

Day 4 : Dwali – Phurkia(14300 FT) TO PINDARI CAMP SITE 3660 MTS (12,000 feet).
pindari-glacier-trek-imagesDwali ( 2575 mt ) is the last place where you observe normal dense forest. Beyond this, the vegetation starts thinning out, the air feels perceptibly thin, and the entire world starts feeling different. We left the tree lines shortly after Dwali . The upward journey is almost vegetation less as you are heading towards higher Himalayan Mountains. After crossing 2.5 km from Dwali you will reach Jwarpani . From here you have to climb upward terrain for 2.5 km to reach Phurkia.

Day 5 : Day trek Phurkiya
Day upto our camp site at Pindari Zero which will take another 3 hrs to reach from Phurkia. The air feels thin over here, it is very cold. Overnight in Tents.A kilometre before Zero Point, you have the 'best seats in the house', and a Babaji , known as Pilot Baba has built himself a lovely place.

Day 6 : Phurkia – Dwali(Kms-12 Alt-3700m.)
We will start early morning today to rekey the entire Pindari Glacier area and after that we will return back Dwali through the same route. Overnight in Tents / KMVN huts.

Day 7 : Dwali – Khati(Kms-11 Atl-2200 m.)
Today's 11 km trek will take 4-5 hrs. Exploring Khati is a good idea as it has some beautiful sights to offer. Overnight in Tents / KMVN huts.

Day 8 : Khati- Kharkia- Dhakuri(Kms-8Alt-2000m)
trek-to-pindari-glacierThe return journey from Jatoli to Kharkiya via Khati will take 3.5 hours and further 2 hours which is another 3 km gradual uphill trail to Dhakuri through Rhododendron and Pine trees.

Day 9 : Dhakuri - Loharkhet (Kms-6 Alt-1500m.)
Early morning start with uphill trek to Dhakuri top through deep Rhododendron and pine forests from here it will a complete downhill journey to Loharkhet which may take 5 hrs.

Day 10 : Loharkhet- Kathgodam –Via -BEGESHWAR, ALMORA
By road it will take 7 hours to reach Kathgodam. Catch Ranikhet Express in the night for Delhi.

Best time to visit Pindari Glacier Trek : April to 1st week November