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Roopkund Trek

This trek visits Roop Kund a pond which became famous when large number of Human bones were discovered. Explorers and scientists then tried to explain the mystery, but the mystery was never solved. Two theories have emerged; One is that these bones are of Gen. Zorawar Singh of Kashmir and his men who were coming back after raiding China-Tibet in the 17th Century. A second opinion, which is also believed by locals, is that large numbers of people visiting Roop Kund were trapped in avalanches and snowstorms and were killed. Not even a single man survived to tell the true story. Alpine forests of bhojpatra, (the famous "paper tree"), juniper, and the stately deodar. The famous land scapes bBedni bugyals (Alpine meadows). Spectacular views of the famous snow capped high Himalalayas .

Roopkund Trek

Hardy bakriwale (mountain headers) with their flocks of sheep and goats, frequent sightings of families of lithe and lively langoor (like a black-faced monkey) swinging through the tree canopy high above. Chances to see ibex, snow fox, mountain crow and eagles. Seasonal meetings with Gujars (generally Muslim tribal mountain people) famous for their high speed mountain walking and their herds of buffalo. Visits to local picturesque mountain villagas. End the trek in the fascinating spiritual and philosophical center of India - colorful Swagashram at Rishkesh.

Day Start Reach Hrs Kms Alt(mts) Mode/Acco
1 Delhi Srinagar 8 320 1000 Veh/Train: Hotel
2 Srinagar Lohajung 8 140 2300 Veh: Camp
3 Lohajung Didna 6 8 2400 Trek: Camp
4 Didna Alibugyal 6 9 3300 Trek: Camp
5 Alibugyal Bednibugyal 5 8 3800 Trek: Camp
6 Bednibugyal Baguvasa 7 8 4300 Trek: Camp
7 Baguvasa Day Trek Roopkund/Patharnachini 9 9 4700/4100 Trek: Camp
8 Patharnachini Bednibugyal 4 5 3800 Trek: Camp
9 Bednibugyal Lohajung via Wan 7 20 2300 Trek/Veh: Hotel
10 Lohajung Rishikesh 9 270 600 Veh: Hotel
11 Rishikesh Delhi 6 225 600 Veh/Train: Hotel
Legend: Alt=Altitude; Veh=Vehicle; Acco=Accommodation

Day 1 : Delhi - Srinagar (315 kms/9 hrs)
roopkund-trek-photosHaving arrived in Haridwar by train from Delhi the day prior, today, drive to Srinagar via Rishikesh . Scenic drive along the ganga river through forests and small towns, and the confluence of the Ganga and the Alakananda rivers at Devprayag. On arrival in Srinagar, Check in at the hotel. In the evening visit to the market in the Srinagar.

Day 2 : Srinagar - Lohajung (140 kms/6 hrs)
Depart from Srinagar - road goes along the Alaknanda River and view the Alaknanda valley and terraced fields. See the beautiful confluence of Alaknanda River and Mandakini River at Rudrapriyag check in guest house in Lohajung.

Day 3 : Lohajung - Didna (8 kms/6 hrs)
Gentle 5 k downhill, then 3 k.uphill trek through forests of oak, rhododendrons (bloom end April - beginning May), pine, and stately deodar trees. Frequent sightings of families of lithe and lively langoor (like a black-faced monkey) swinging through the tree canopy high above. Views down into the wooded and now steep-sided and wild Neel Ganga valley. Camp at Didna, Camp on the meadows surrounded by forest with view of Lohajung valley and Didna village can be visit in the evening.

Day 4 : Didna - Alibugyal (9 kms/6 hrs)
Uphill 9 k trek through forests of oak, rhododendrons (bloom end April - beginning May), pine, and stately deodar trees and seasonal huts for villagers where they spend their summers with their cattle. The trek continuous to Alibugyal beautiful camp side on the ridge with spectacular views of some famous Himalayan peaks Chaukhamba, Srikanth and Gangotri massif.

Day 5 : Alibugyal - Bednibugyal (8 kms/5 hrs)
roopkund-trek-imagesUphill 5 k then 3k moderate uphill trek goes through the famous Alibugyal with spectacular views of Bedni and Pider valleys. Bedni Bugyal is a charming green meadow adorned with flowers in a spell binding varieties, in full bloom. There is a small lake situated in the midst of the meadow, where tarpons are offered by the devotees. Situated nearby is a small temple where the devotees pay their obeisance, during their halt at Bedni Bugyal camp.

Day 6 : Bednibugyal - Baguvasa (8 kms/7 hrs)
Uphill 3 k and gentle downhill 2k. trek along the other side of the ridge with spectacular close views of the high Himalayan peaks Nandaghunti, Trishul and panoramic views of Garhwal Himalayan peaks .Uphill 2k and 1k gentle downhill trek to Baguvasa camp. Chances to see ibex, snow fox, belchers and eagles, and hardy bukeriwale (mountain headers with their flocks of sheep and goats). Beautiful camp site on the Mora ine of Baguvasa and spectacular views of Garhwal region Himalayas Chaukhamba Massif Srikantha, Jonli and Thalaysagar. Bagua means flowery park and Basa means place. And rightly the place was full of variety of flowers including the rare Bhram Kamal, a special godly lotus found at only and between the altitudes of 14000 - 15000 ft.

Day 7 : Day trek to Roopkund- Patharnachini (9 kms/8 hours)
Uphill 4k through the moraine trek to Roopkund passes through delightful alpine pasture lands and snow fields, offering magnificent views of the Trisul, Nanda Ghunti, Badrinath peaks. When the snow melts, human and equine skeletons remains can be seen. Some of them with flesh still attached. These remains have been preserved in the Alpine conditions for centuries. It is believed that these are the remains of about 300 persons who died approx. 500 -600 years ago. In the afternoon trek back to Patharnachini.

Day 8 : Patharnachini- Bednibugyal (5 kms/4 hrs)
trek-to-roopkundUphill 2k and 3k gentle downhill trek to Bednibugyal camp at Bednibugyal.

Day 9 : Bednibugyal- Lohajung Via Wan (20 kms/7 hrs)
Downhill 9 k and 1k uphill trek through forests of oak, rhododendrons (bloom end April - beginning May), pine, and stately deodar trees and 1k uphill trek continuous to Wan village trail head. 10 k. beautiful drive by jeep along the Neel ganga River to Lohajung town.

Day 10 : Lohajung- Rishikesh (270 kms/9 hrs)
Return drive to Rishikesh. Stay in hotel. (Possible to reach Haridwar to explore this popular and beautiful shrine town as opposed to Rishikesh. One hour further) Also option for Rafting in Rishiukesh.

Day 11 : Delhi (225 kms/6 hrs)
Return to Delhi

Best time to visit Roopkund Trek : May, June, August, September and October.