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Rupin Pass Trek

This trek visits Alpine forests of bhojpatra, (the famous "paper tree"), juniper, and the stately deodar and bugyals (Alpine meadows), dramatic crossings of Rupin Pass. Spectacular views of the famous snow capped high Himalayas , Hardy bakriwale (mountain headers) with their flocks of sheep & goats, frequent sightings of families of lithe & lively langoor (like a black-faced monkey) swinging through the tree canopy high above,. Chances to see ibex, snow fox, mountain crow & eagles.

Rupin Pass Trek

Visits to local picturesque mountain villages. This trek takes you through some untouched places in Garhwal & Kinnaur Valley via Rupin Pass at an altitude of 4625 mts offers views of the Kinner Kailash & other Himalayan peaks. Sangla Valley is one of the most fascinating and least visited areas of the Himalaya.End the trek in fascinating British raj summer capital of India - Shimla

Day Start Reach Hrs Kms Alt(mts) Mode/Acco
1 Delhi Mussoorie 7 270 2000 Veh/Train: Hotel
2 Mussoorie Mori 7 135 1200 Veh: Camp/Hotel
3 Mori Dhulasewa 7 30 2000 Veh/Trek: Camp
4 Dhulasewa Jiskon 6 10 2400 Trek: Camp
5 Jiskon Jakha 5 8 2700 Trek: Camp
6 Jakha Surwas Thach 6 9 3500 Trek: Camp
7 Surwas Thach Nuru Via Rupin pass 8 12 3600 Trek: Camp
8 Nuru Sangla 5 12 2700 Trek: Camp
9 Sangla Shimla 9 235 2200 Veh: Hotel
10 Shimla Delhi 8 270 300 Veh: Hotel
Legend: Alt=Altitude; Veh=Vehicle; Acco=Accommodation

Day 1 : Delhi - Mussorie (270kms/7hrs)
rupin-passClassic, renowned British era hill station featuring quaint "raj" era bungalows, a wide variety of hotels from luxury to modest, modern to heritage, walks about the town, bustling mountaintop bazaar, and views out over the Gangetic Plain to the South and the Himalayas to the North. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2 : Mussorie - Mori (160kms/6hrs)
Scenic drive into the high Himalaya foothills along the valley of the Yamouna River with views of the river valley with its forests and fascinating complex of terraced fields. Overnight in hotel in the small mountain town of Mori.

Day 3 : Mori - Dhaula - Sewa (30kms/7hrs)
23 kms drive to Dhaula village via Netwar - beautifull drive along the Tons River. Then 7 kms trek starting from Dhaula village, through some mountain villages and terraced fields, sub-alpine forests of rhododendron, oak, and stately deodars. Camp at Sewa village - visit Sewa village and some Temples.

Day 4 : Sewa - Jakha (10kms/6hrs)
Modrate 10kms up hill trek through the sub-alpine forests of rhododendron, oak, and stately deodars and a couple of interesting mountain villages. Views start opening up with the snow capped ridges of the Dhaula Dhar range visible from the trail. The village at Jakha is the highest in the area and also the last on the trail to the pass on the way to the camp at Jakha village.

Day 5 : Jakha - Surwas Thach (9kms/6hrs)
rupin-pass-trekking-photosModerate 10 kms uphill trek follows the course of the riverbed for quite some time before climbing through a mixed forest to a clearing that marks the entrance to the U shaped Rupin Valley, with the high ranges of Dhaula Dhar overlooking. See the Rupin waterfall from here. Meet with hardy bakriwale (mountain headers) with their flocks of sheep & goats. Camp at Surpass Thach, beautifull campside surrounded by bugyals (Alpine meadows) with views down down the valley.

Day 6 : Surpass Thach - Waterfall Camp ( 7kms/5hrs)
Uphill trek 7kms through the bugyals, moraines beautiful landscapes, spectacular views of the valley and mountains opportunity to see ibex, snow fox, mountain crow, & vultures. Camp at Waterfall camp with the big waterfall.

Day 7 : Waterfall Camp - Rontigad ( 10kms/7hrs)Uphill trek 4 kms to the Rupin pass to climb up snowfields and one rocky gully to the pass. Depending upon conditions, one might need to rope up in a few patches. The climb to the pass will take about four hours. Once at the top you are rewarded with a very fine Himalayan panorama. We get to see the peaks of Kinner Kailash range and the ones close to Charang la. Then 6kms down hill trek to Rontigad camp surrounded by bugyals with views of the Kinnour valley.

Day 8 : Rontigad - Sangla (12kms/7hrs)

rupin-pass-trekking-imagesModerate 12 kms downhill trek to Sangla - one is again rewarded with some fantastic sights. Kinner Kailash range makes its presence felt while the villages of the Sangla valley spread all over to create a nice picture. We are, towards the end, welcomed by the Baspa River into its valley. There is the option for camp or hotel.

Day 9 : Sangla - Shimla (200kms/8hrs)
Scenic drive down the Baspa River valley via an amazing road carved from the cliffs overhanging the river roaring far below. Once emerging into the Kinnaur valley, the land opens up to reveal terraced slopes, flat river bottom fields of grain and fruit trees, with interesting and often historically, culturally, and beautifully sited towns along the way. Arrive in Shimla, fascinating former summer capital of India under the British raj, with many beautiful Victorian and Edwardian era buildings still in their original condition, views out from the ridge-hugging town to the mountains and valleys in the misty distance. There are many historical attractions to visit and a choice of unique and unforgettable heritage properties in which to stay.

Day 10 : Shimla - Delhi (25kms/9hrs)
Return to Delhi by train and vehicle, or by vehicle alone

Best time to visit Rupin Pass Trek : June, August, September and October