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Provides complete information about trekking and adventure tours in Garhwal. Himalayan region that has earned the attention of trekkers.

What Our Clients Say

In September 2017 I came to India with my 3 kids and 2 friends for trekking in Garhwal Himalayas. Our goal was Tapovan and Shivling North Face Advanced Base Camp.


We contacted Mr Rajesh Negi owning the Himalaya Hikes agency to organize the whole trip for us. Although preparing such a trek for kids is not usual and much more demanding, than it is for adults, Mr Negi organized everything perfectly, taking care of the smallest details. He picked us up at the airport and drove with us all the way to Gangotri, where our trekking started. He arranged all the accomodation and permits, provided food, planned the trek route to be suitable for children, helped us to get all the necessary equipment including oxygen bottles to make our expedition safe. And most of all, he chose fantastic, reliable people to care for us.

Our guide, Ramesh, an absolute professional, supervised the whole team including the porters, the cook and the cook helper. They walked with us all the way, holding Paulina, the youngest girl, by the hand or securing Julia, the middle one, if the path was steep or dangerous. Ramesh was open to other people and very friendly, he spend a lot of time with Janek, the oldest boy. On trekking Janek started to speak English. Thanks to good company, the way was not boring or tiring for the kids at all. On the glacier Paulina was carried in a special basket by a very experienced porter – Tulla. All of us, including the kids, reached Tapovan 4500m above the sea level without any problems.

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We spend at Tapovan nearly one week living in the tents, eating 3 times a day fresh, delicious food prepared by the cook Dinesh and Keshav, the cook helper. We played together football and volleyball. When the weather was cold and wet, the kids loved to sit in the kitchen tent playing cards and games with everyone. The main goal of the trekking was to mount a memorial plaque at Tapovan and to visit ABC under the North Face of Shivling at 4800. Everyone took part in hanging the plaque. In smaller groups we visited ABC. I could not imagine doing both things with more responsible, compassionate, open-hearted people. During the whole trip we did not have any significant problems; no mountain sickness, no gastric sensations, no cold, no real fatique, no boredom. I could trust our guide 100%. Any changes of our plan appeared naturally. Although I had many concerns about coming with kids to Indian Himalayas, thanks to Mr Negi and his team, they all dissapeared.


To sum up, it was a very special time for me and for my kids. Although our trip was not a standard one, Mr Rajesh Negi managed to organize everything in a perfectly safe, comfort way. During this time we became friends. I highly recommend Himalaya Hikes as a great, experienced, professional agency able to manage even unusual, above-standard projects.

Kind regards
Barbara Chrzanowska
oGdansk, Poland
Email - bwerel@poczta.onet.pl

What Our Clients Say Climbing Expedition

climbing-expedition-feedback"In late August and September 2015, I had the chance to go on expedition to Indian Himalaya with the goal of climbing in the Bhagirathi group. For the whole organization of our trip we relied on Himalaya Hikes. Our experience was absolutely positive and I really recommend contacting Mr. Rajesh Negi if you want to organize an expedition in the same area.

Himalaya Hikes is a local agency based in Uttarkashi and Mr. Rajesh lived all his life in Uttarkashi and has been taking part and organizing expedition in Garhwhal since more than 20 years. I believe hiring a local agency is much better than hiring an agency from Delhi.

With Himalaya Hikes you have a person which is really reliable, Rajesh knows the area and the mountains very well, knows all the people in Gangotri and is able to provide you a quick and efficient help for anything you need. In a place which for you is unknown, having a local person easy to reach and that you can really trust is really important in my opinion. (You can easily imagine that when an agency is based in Delhi, the process is a bit more complex for sure…) Himalaya hikes proved to be also very efficient in dealing with parks and permit, allowing us to spend all the time we wanted at base camp.

And regarding our stay at base camp I have to say that was also great. We could have much different kind of foods, in abundant quantities, including different kind of fresh vegetables. We spent a long times with our cook, cook helper and Mr. Rajesh and I really believe they are very nice people, happy to do their best to support your expedition and creating a friendly and warm environment at base camp. And last but not least, from the price point of view Himalaya Hikes was also the cheapest among the companies we contacted!

With this short paragraph I just wanted to sum up our own experienced that was completely positive from any point of view. I heard different stories from some other friends of mine, who hired other agencies (I am not naming anyone) but received a treatment which is not absolutely comparable with what we experienced (reduced time at base camp, poor services/food, higher prices, problems with porters). Higher price not always mean better service, especially when choosing your agency pay more attention to the people you are dealing with."

Matteo Della Bordella – Ragni di Lecco
Professional climber and alpinist based in Italy with large experience of expeditions to Patagonia, Greenland and Himalaya
Email - Matteo.dellabordella@gmail.com
Monile no. - +39 329 0078718

What Our Clients Say About Us

Mr. Rajesh Negi of Himalaya Hikes is an experienced and excellent trek operator. He has also become a very good friend.

We are a group consisting mostly of faculty members from IIT Madras, Chennai and their families with children. Our interest in trekking include an easy to moderate trek of about 6-8 kms per day for about 5-6 days, a fantastic view of the Himalayas with the highest point of the trek touching snow. With these requirements, Mr. Negi organised two treks for us in the Uttarkashi region - Dodi Tal in May 2011 and Dayara Bugyal in May 2014. The choice of the place was completely his and, as it turned out, both the treks were wonderful and much better than we expected or hoped for.

All the arrangements were left to Mr. Negi and he did a superb job of it. His entire team worked as a unit, which clearly showed how well-set they are in handling the treks. Because of the fairly high heterogeneity in our trek group with ages ranging from 6 to 50+, the walking speeds were varied, but Mr. Negi made sure that he and someone else would always be with the leading and trailing members of our group. In fact, the person with the trailing member would also carry with him food, should there be a need. The equipment was really good and the inside of the tents remained dry even after a good hailstorm and heavy rain, with Mr, Negi and his team constantly monitoring them. The food was exceptional and balanced with variety that came to us as pleasant surprises every time. And there was always a dessert! Mr. Negi kept an eye on all the trek members and the activities and ensured that there was no discomfort of any kind at all . Every evening he would sit us with and chat about various adventures he had had with interesting anecdotes.

Incidentally, Mr. Negi is an excellent photographer and he sings well too. We enjoyed having him as a companion and friend during the trek and are quite clear that all future treks in the region will be left to his capable hands. All of us here would very strongly recommend him and his company Himalaya Hikes for a trek in the Himalayas.

Dr. S.S. Bhattacharya
Professor & Head, SAIF
Dept. of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
IIT Madras
Chennai – 600 036

What Our Clients Say About Us

My name is Meenal Bakshi and I am heading a Primary school in Mumbai. I took a group of 30 students for trekking to Gomukh. Wonderful!! Fabulous! Best Trekking ever. One of the most amazing Treks to Gomukh! Trekking service coordinated by Rajesh Negi his Himalaya Hikes was the best. Rajesh was fabulous during our 10 days trekking trip. He was so knowledgeable about all the sites we visited. He did a great job, never making us feel rushed or pressured but keeping us on time so we saw everything.

Rajesh and porter were extraordinary, super friendly and helpful! The food all the way round the trek was excellent. All the guesthouses were clean and had everything we needed. Everything was supper and deal with professionally - I would highly recommend Rajesh Negi and his company Himalaya Hikes for any kind of trekking or adventurous trip.

Meenal Bakshi

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been trekking in the Himalayas since last 12yrs with self organization, but in 2010 our group did 1st trek with Rajesh ji's and his team- (Himalaya Hikes) that is Trek to Tapovan in gangotri valley and looking at his teams management and perfect organization of the trek I am fully satisfied and must say that Rajesh ji and his team is very co operative and Helpful to all.

Now about facilities offered by Rajesh ji during the trek :
Food : you just cannot imagine that in our rough and tough Himalayas Rajesh ji provided us 3 course menu in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with different variety of food, fruits, he also provide energy drink to rebuild you for next day trek and also gives many more surprises on trek like on 15000ft we eat Mango.
Accommodation : In self organized trek we have to dig and place our tents at camp site but with Rajesh Ji's team it's like when you reach to camp site tents are ready you just have to enter the tents. His tents, tents outer, carry-mat and Sleeping bag quality is very good, at every camp site you will find that tents are clean and clear.
Guidance : While trekking his team is spread between our groups so that if anyone needs any help somebody is there to help, Rajesh ji and his company Himalaya Hikes are very much knowledgeable in Himalayan trek routes.

I have done two more treks with his team Trek to Roopkund and Dayara & Gidra Buglya to the fullest satisfaction, one more thing I must mentioned that he is a good photographer so due to photography we came close and became good friends.

Amod Joshi
Localization Production Lead
Localization : PTC
extn.no. 3517

What Our Clients Say About Us

We are from Melbourne, Australia and trek as a husband and wife team and always use Rajesh for our treks in the Indian Himalaya.

We have trekked with Rajesh for a number of years and have found him to be very competent and professional in his dealings. He is very well organized and knows very well the areas he treks to we always feel very secure with him and his team. We have trekked to Tapavan, Kalindikhal and Mayali pass with him and his team. You should have no problems with Himalaya Hikes.

Please feel free to contact us if you need to.

Kind regards
Colin and Lisa Barnes
Melbourne, Australia

What Our Clients Say About Us

We trek every summer in the lower Himalayas for several years now and, while earlier we would do all the arrangements ourselves, of late we have been using the service of local trek operators. I have no hesitation in saying that we have had the best experience so far with Shri Rajesh Negi and his team from the Himalaya Hikes. We trek in a group of family and friends with ages varying from 7 to 55 years and RajeshJi makes sure that the pace is comfortable for everyone. We went to Dodi Taal with them a few years back and that was a very popular trek that time with many groups on the trail but we were always well provided and happy. We went back to them later and did a trek to Dayara Bugyal, one of our best treks complete with a snowfall. He always tells us what the trek entails, takes suggestions - for example we like to do some bird watching on the way - and accommodates special requests. If there is chance of a delay, he makes contingency plans. Another nice thing about Rajesh is he takes good care of his people too. I strongly recommend Rajesh Negi and his company" Himalaya Hikes " for a safe, well paced and very enjoyable trek in the Garhwal region.

Thank you.
Prof. Enakshi Bhattacharya
Microelectronics and MEMS Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering and Centre for NEMS and Nanophotonics IIT Madras
Chennai 600036, India

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Last October, my little group of 4 experienced hikers set out from Gangotri on our trek to the headwaters of the Ganga (Ganges), at the glacier's mouth at Gomukh, and on to the bugyals (alpine meadows) beyond, at Topovan, with our trusty guide, Rajesh Negi, and the trekking team - cook, cook"s helper, bearers, and pack horses that he had put together. Rajesh had been so easy to deal with setting this all up, as he started out as a trekking guide, and so really "knows the ropes", so to speak, from the ground up, so to speak!

He was right there with us keeping an eye on everything. The team worked well, the food was great, the equipment was top notch. But the best part was, when, up past Gomukh, when the weather turned what seemed to be "iffy", he really took charge, and changed our plan, and in doing so, we learned later, saved our lives!!

So we really recommend our new friend, Rajesh and his company- Himalaya Hikes

Jim Hambuechen
Washington DC, USA

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been trekking in the Himalayas since last 40yrs, organized by self but since last couple of years I have joined the group organized by Rajesh ji his company Himalaya Hikes and I am satisfied with the perfect organization of the trek I must say that he is very co operative and Helpful to all. facilities offered by Rajesh ji during the trek such as Food, Accommodation and Guidance are the best, he is a knowledgeable person in the hills, I have done Tapovan Roopkund and Dayara & Gidra Buglya Trek with his organization( Himalaya Hikes) to the fullest satisfaction, one more thing I must mentioned that he is a good photographer so due to photography we came close and became good friends.

Chandrashekhar Bapat
Pune - Maharastra

What Our Clients Say About Us

A recommendation, we used Himalaya Hikes (Rajesh Negi) to plan our hike in the Himalayas from near Uttar Kashi to Kedarnath. He was very efficient and easy to work with. Rajesh set it all up in advance via the internet.

When we arrived, all was ready and just as promised - not always the case in India!! The hike was very interesting. Not too difficult, the days not too long. The equipment was good, and the bearers efficient. BEST OF ALL, was Rajesh himself, was a world of knowledge, and also a great cook!

We are so happy we chose him.

Maureen Murdock
Albuquerque NM

What Our Clients Say About Us

I had taken a trip from Gangotri – Gomukh – Tapovan – Nandanvan with Himalaya Hikes in June, 2015. It was one of the best trips I have ever experienced. Mr. Rajesh Negi knows the area very well and meticulously organizes everything. You feel very safe with this group and the guide, Mr. Ramesh Negi has a rich experience. Dinesh Negi guided us very easily in the toughest part and ensured a very safe trek. Himalaya Hikes ensures that freshly cooked food is served so that we get the energy for the trek.

I would recommend anyone to go for trek through Himalaya Hikes. Please contact me in case you need any further details.

Raja Sekar

What Our Clients Say About Us

I have a tour company, Newcomb Tours, in Washington DC, USA, and I have had occasion over the past few years of sending small trekking groups, my clients, to Mr. Negi's company in the Himalayas of India.

I have continued to use Mr. Negi's Himalaya Hikes as his trekking services are dependably outstanding - something rare in India He offers an accurate, complete, and easy to use Web site, he has detailed descriptions of exactly what to expect on each trek, he has price guide lines that cover completely all options, and he responds promptly to all queries. This is amazing enough, but he also accompanies virtually all treks, and provides a professionalism and experience that not only assures the safety of the trekkers, but their comfort and enjoyment.

I highly recommend him and his Himalaya Hikes.

Jeffrey Newcomb
Newcomb Tours
1026 16th Street NW
Washington. DC, 20036. USA